Saturday, September 20, 2014

From iPhone 2G to the iPhone 6: visual animation shows the evolution of Apple's smartphone

Blog Authors Gadgetlove prepared an interesting GIF-image, which they titled as "The Evolution of iPhone». Animated image demonstrates the development of mobile phones Apple, starting with the first version, which debuted in 2007.
От iPhone 2G до iPhone 6: наглядная анимация демонстрирует эволюцию смартфонов Apple

When seven years ago, Steve Jobs presented the iPhone 2G, it is expected that Apple will take 1% of the mobile market. To date, the company has sold hundreds of millions of smartphones worldwide - in Cupertino has long exceeded its original plan.
Animation creators say it is better than any live image infographic can tell about the development of iPhone. To change the design, form factor, materials, shell thickness and size of the display. The number of standard icons on the desktop, their design. Almost all regular applications introduced in iPhone 2G exists to this day. The exception is "Googley» YouTube and Google Maps, discarded because of competition with the developer of Android and iPod, which were replaced by more functional application "Music" and "Video".
iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, presented on September 9 at the moment are the pinnacle of evolution Apple-phones. Phones got a brand new form factor. Among the key features of the model: 20-nm processor A8 - the most productive of the chips Apple, support for the new payment system, Apple Pay and larger displays.